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How To Become A Deliberate Learning Till Growth Never End

Learning is a continuous process for humans, we spent most of our lives learning one thing or the other. Unintentionally, we are able to learn lots of useful things that help us survive in life. We are like sponges, soaking up information from our surroundings without even knowing it. However, there are different types of learning. Intentional and unintentional. While unintentional is usually survival skills or general information, intentional learning is more directed. Here you actually make an effort to learn something in much greater depth. Unintentional learning is just surface-level knowledge while intentional learning can be considered specialized learning. Unintentional learning is an innate quality of humans but unintentional learning is something that you develop.

If you are passionate about something or need to expand your learning, then you must put in a deliberate effort. For example, students taking online classes help also need to be better learners so that their education does not suffer. If you are a student and are struggling with deliberate learning, we have put together a list that will help you become a better learner in no time.

Establish Goals

When you want to deliberately learn you must have a direction. Early on before you actually start studying you must come up with learning goals for yourself. Establishing goals will help you calculate how much you need to study and will you be able to do that in the time you have kept for yourself. However, you must always make sure that the goals you set for yourself are achievable.

If the goals you have set for yourself are too difficult to achieve, you might not be able to achieve them and end up losing motivation altogether. When establishing goals, you must put to words the actual goal you want to achieve and why you want to achieve this specific goal. Then you can move on to all the benefits achieving your goals will bring you, this will help you keep your motivation levels high. The last thing to do is decide what is the best way to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself.

Be Passionate

Passion is very important in everything you do. Passion is the biggest motivating factor that pushes people to achieve their goals. If you want to achieve anything in life, you must have an unwavering passion for it. Imagine If you are not fully invested in what you do, you are most likely to leave it halfway. If you are doing something that is of no interest to you, it is not a good idea to keep doing it. Don’t pick up a challenge if you are not passionate about it. While you might not be able to complete it, you will also be miserable the whole time as you are forced to do something that you do not enjoy. Even if you end up achieving your goal, you might not do it the way you should. The end results could’ve been much better if you had more conviction for it. 

Organize Yourself

While you are motivated, don’t make the mistake of starting without having a plan of action. Disorganized learning is no learning at all. When you start learning in a haphazard manner, you will just be wasting more and more of your time. Disorganized learning means starting off wherever and leaving it and then picking back from wherever. You will never be able to keep account of how much you have learned and however more is left. This is why you must start your learning with a course of action in mind. It will help you know where to start learning, how much of it have you already covered, and what’s the progress.

You can keep a small diary with you and track all your progress on it to see how well you are doing and if you need to up your pace or slow it down. Make a strategy that fits your daily routine and will be able to help you cover all your learning material in due time.

Effective Learning

Learning something is not just a one-time act. You must use effective learning techniques so that the information you have learned stays with you and your efforts have not gone wasted. Many people believe rote learning is the way to go however that is often worse. Rote learning is a good idea if you are aiming to store some information in your head for some time. For example, you can easily rote learn about something and then attempt an exam the next day. However, if you are hoping to retain the learned information for a longer time then you must use effective retaining techniques over rote learning.

For instance, it is studied that when you learn a new piece of information and it is not reviewed in the next 24 hours, chances are that you will forget it. Experts say that you must recall all the information you have learned in the next 24 hours and you will have a stronger chance of remembering it. To do this, you can put together notes when you sit down to study and then go through all your notes the next and whenever needed to restore all information.  

Put To Practice

Use your knowledge in your everyday life. When you put things to practice they evolve from being mere concepts in your mind to actual practices. With the help of physical practice, you are able to engage more senses in your body that help you remember whatever you have learned. Make an intentional effort to bring your concepts to life in your everyday life and you will be able to call yourself an intentional learner. It will also help you connect different things to the same concept that will add to your understanding and increase your learning.


Revision helps improve everything. For example, if you have to make a decision and you revisit that decision at some other time, you will be able to have a better understanding as to what decision is best for you. You may have a different experience each time you revise as you are able to look at it from a different angle. Revision is actually the reinforcement of previously learned information. When you relearn something you are able to retain the information for a much longer time.

Teach To Learn

Teaching may well be the opposite of learning but while teaching you can really learn a lot. When you teach something you are also learning, you will be able to explore new dimensions. You will also get to see how others are grasping the information and get valuable feedback for you to use and improve your own learning. If you get an opportunity to teach what you learn, don’t let it go as it can be very beneficial for you. These were some tips to help you become a deliberate learner. However, if you think that you are not up to the task then you can always take online class help and get the best help from experts.

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