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9 Ridiculous Rules About Academic

Nine Ridiculous Rules About Academic: In the United States, university enrolment has been steadily declining. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that many high-profile organizations and businesses do not require undergraduate degrees to hire employees. Perhaps it is because the quality of education provided by some of the country’s most apparently prominent colleges has deteriorated.

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What Are Some Of The Most Ridiculous Rules In Schools All Across The World?

Did you ever come across a rule in academic life that made you think that it makes no sense whatsoever? Yes, right? Here, we have come up with a few rules that schools from all across the globe follow and we all think that they are absolutely ridiculous:

Students Of Opposite Genders Cannot Sit Together During Classes And On Buses

Boys and females should sit separately in class and on buses, according to strange regulations enacted by engineering institutions in Chennai, India. Some institutions even have separate stairwells for guys and girls so they do not have to look at each other when they leave. It is not only a rule that is present for following in states like Chennai. In other regions and parts of the country as well, there are schools, colleges, and universities that follow and apply the same rule.

Anyone Who Is Involved In A Fight In School Premises Gets Suspended

A student from a state college in Pennsylvania reports that:

“They suspend you if you ever engage in a fight. The context did not matter, despite the fact that it sounded sensible. I was once suspended for not throwing a single punch. Rather, for someone knocking the books out of my hands and punching me in the face as I reached down to pick them up. Yes, they suspended me for strolling down the corridor and being unprovoked struck in the face. There were students who were just standing there and watching the show and the college suspended them for being a part of the fight.”

Everyone Makes Their Beds Daily At 9:0 Am

A list of rules at a religious college occupied a legal-sized page of the paper. Every night, you have to be in your room for forced study time. You need to keep your towels straight on the towel rack, and make your bed by 9 a.m. every day, including weekends. So, if you want to sleep late on Saturday morning, you have to get up, make your bed, and then return to sleeping on top of it. Absurd, right?

Who Would Have Thought That Bathrooms Are A Privilege?

Almost every day, students damage and destroy the bathrooms in some way. The staff has come up with the brilliant idea of closing any restroom that the students damage for the week on the first offense. Not just this but the quarter on the second, and permanently on the third crime. After shutting every bathroom on day one, they reverse the regulation. So, the more damage you create, the less privileged you are going to get in terms of bathroom time.

Students Are Not Allowed To Have Cough Drops On School Premises

Students cannot use cough drops no matter what their condition is in some parts of the world. As per a student of a state school:

“The authorities banned cough drops at our primary school because they act like drugs to sooth the sore throats.”

You Cannot Score A Straight 100 No Matter How Hard You Worked

There are percentage grades in some schools, and if you got a perfect mark in a class for the semester, you would get ninety-nine percent. This is not an official regulation, and it only happens once to the students who go on to become valedictorians. However, it is the only explanation that the students get.

Little Girls And Boys Change Into Sports Gear In The Same Room

In the first, second, and third grades of primary school, boys and girls change into sports clothing in the same classroom. Boys, on the whole, do not give the girls a second thought. Girls generally wear skirts on that day so they do not have to take anything off to put on their sports bottoms. They change clothes in various rooms starting in fourth grade.

Mothers Tend To Get Crazier And Crazier About Their Kid’s Education

According to a study by the United States Department of Education, a mother’s feeling of personal accomplishment is heavily influenced by her children’s academic performance. She goes to considerable lengths to assist them and help them in becoming what she could not. In addition, the mother is under a lot of peer pressure. The community’s opinion of a woman’s success as a mother is heavily influenced by her children’s academic performance.

Schools Are Producing Stressed, Sleep-Deprived, And Depressed Students

In a study of high school students, eighty percent said they were stressed and eighty-six percent said they did not get enough sleep. More disturbingly, only forty percent of students said they slept fewer than six hours per night. The main objective of calling this out was not to mock the authorities. Rather it was to highlight that these unnecessary restrictions are nothing but a distraction from the wholesome and nurtured school community. So, if your student wants to sit with someone, let them. And if they want to sign up for a take my class for me service, let them. There is no point in keeping restrictions on the students for no apparent reasons. How many of these rules have you seen in schools, colleges, or universities that you have attended?

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